Homemade Vietnamese beef stew with pressure cooker (“Bò Kho”)

One of the Vietnamese dishes melted my in-laws’ heart is this Vietnamese beef stew (“Bò Kho”). It is one of the recipes that turns tough meat cut, like beef shanks, into delicious and flavorful. The beef was marinated, then cooked in coconut water and spices till tender… hmmm… yummy!

How about “Vietnamese crab udon soup” at home? (Bánh canh cua)

“Bánh canh cua” or “Vietnamese crab udon soup” was one of my favorite soups of all time. It is savory with a delightful sweetness of the broth. Make my mouth watering every time I think of it, so let’s make it, shall we?

Vietnamese beef and tomato soup with rice noodles (Bún Bò Sáo Răm)

A simple, savory yet unpopular Vietnamese rice noodle soup that you probably would never find it anywhere: Bún Bò Sáo Răm. This rice noodle soup features simple ingredients: thin-sliced beef, lots of tomatoes and Vietnamese coriander. And yes, it’s another delicious recipe from grandma, haha!

My (fiance’s) Idea on a Mediterranean Dinner for Love and Friendship Appreciation

My (fiance’s) Idea on a Mediterranean Dinner for Love and Friendship Appreciation. Originally, it was a final project for one of his class, but I think it’s great to share this idea to others. And maybe this could be a good reference for other students in the future?

Vegan/vegetarian flan cake (no oven, no eggs, no steaming with convenient caramel liner)

Ever since I made Caramel flan cake, I always hope that I could make a no-egg version so that my vegetarian/vegan friends and family members can fully enjoy it. With a help from agar powder and jelly powder, I could finally made it.

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