Thanksgiving 2022: My first traditional Thanksgiving

Being in the US for a few years but I barely celebrated Thanksgiving. Last year was my first one, just me and my boyfriend so we had a non-traditional Thanksgiving with Vietnamese Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (Bun Bo Hue), Brownies and Seafood Boil. This year, my second time, I had a chance to celebrate aContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2022: My first traditional Thanksgiving”

Tản mạn chuyện mần blog nấu ăn

English version: click here! Câu chuyện mần blog nấu ăn này xuất phát từ lời “xúi giục” của một người bạn dễ thương sau nhiều lần bạn í bị “tra tấn” bởi hình chụp những món mình làm. Thế là bạn ấy “xúi” mình mần blog, đăng lên, để cả thế giới chịu cùng bạnContinue reading “Tản mạn chuyện mần blog nấu ăn”

Random stories about my food/cooking blog

Vietnamese version (bản tiếng Việt): click here! The blog was created thanks to the encouragement from one of my lovely friends, after she has been “tortured” by my food photos. She decided to encourage me to make a food blog so that the whole world would be “tortured”with her. And here we are, Just AContinue reading “Random stories about my food/cooking blog”

How Chemistry and Cooking are relatable?

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time about how Chemistry and Cooking are relatable. As a Chemistry student who also cooks a lot, I find that they are similar in some aspects. First of all, I can view my cooking process for a specific recipe as an chemistry experiment whereContinue reading “How Chemistry and Cooking are relatable?”

2021 – A year-end review

Vietnamese version (bản tiếng Việt): click here! I launched this Titanium22 Blog: Just a nerd who loves food since the beginning of September 2021. It has been a wonderful experience so far to have a place to express the inner extroverted personality. I love cooking, love trying new food and watching food documentaries. Therefore, IContinue reading “2021 – A year-end review”

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