Thanksgiving 2021

Have been in the US for few years but this year’s Thanksgiving is by far the most meaningful to me. I’ve always been grateful for what I have in life, but I never actually celebrated that. Until now… We celebrated Thanksgiving privately. A non-traditional one, a.k.a. no turkeys. We cooked dishes that we were cravingContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2021”

My cooking has improved with times

As I started my PhD study, I have to cook for myself so that I could stay within my budget and enjoy good food at the same time. My cooking in 2019 was fairly acceptable as I just combined any ingredients available to me at that time without considering how suitable they were and didContinue reading “My cooking has improved with times”

Titanium 22 – A nerd who loves food

Hi you all! My name is Tam Nguyen (my full Vietnamese name is Nguyễn Lê Phương Tâm) and I’m currently a Chemistry PhD student at Arizona State University. I live far from home for my study so I constantly miss Vietnamese food. Even though there are a lot of restaurants selling my home country’s foodContinue reading “Titanium 22 – A nerd who loves food”

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