Let’s briefly talk about “Banh mi”

“Bánh mì” is such a delicious and convenient treat. It is truly “fast food” of Vietnam. Along side with the famous “Bánh mì” (sandwich type), there is “Bánh mì chảo”, usually for dine-in. Regardless which versions, “Bánh mì” has become a phenomena in Vietnamese street food cuisine.

We challenged ourselves with a difficult dish: Beef Wellington

During the Spring break, we spared some times to try new things, including the well-known Beef Wellington. This is our first attempt to prepare this dish from scratch. There is no recipe here, this is just a record of our first try!

Will I be able to distinguish between Death Wish Coffee and Vietnamese Coffee? (celebrating International Coffee Day – Oct 01st)

We’re gonna do a blind taste test to compare between Death Wish Coffee (rumored as World Strongest Coffee) and Vietnamese Coffee (rumored to give many people “coffee shock). We will start with the Dark roast vs. Trung Nguyen Creativity 4 first. Will I be able to? Let’s find out!

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