Baked tofu and mushrooms in the foil

Another way to enjoy soft tofu, vegetables and mushrooms deliciously.

Vegan/vegetarian flan cake (no oven, no eggs, no steaming with convenient caramel liner)

Ever since I made Caramel flan cake, I always hope that I could make a no-egg version so that my vegetarian/vegan friends and family members can fully enjoy it. With a help from agar powder and jelly powder, I could finally made it.

Sinh tố giải nhiệt ngày hè: Bơ-dừa vs. Combo nhiệt đới Dâu-dứa-xoài

Một bài viết ngắn về hai (02) món sinh tố giúp giải tỏa mùa hè nóng bức: Bơ-dừa và Combo nhiệt đới dâu-dứa-xoài!

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