Foodie experience

Just some great experiences with local restaurants

Let’s briefly talk about “Banh mi”

“Bánh mì” is such a delicious and convenient treat. It is truly “fast food” of Vietnam. Along side with the famous “Bánh mì” (sandwich type), there is “Bánh mì chảo”, usually for dine-in. Regardless which versions, “Bánh mì” has become a phenomena in Vietnamese street food cuisine.

How my dad “upgrade” his instant noodles?

During the super busy period, instant noodles temporarily became some of my meals. In order to make it less unhealthy and less boring, I “followed” my dad’s cooking style and here is how he upgrades his instant noodle game!

Some coffee shops for working in Saigon

In case you want to find a coffee shop with quiet atmosphere to focus on working or have some small talks with your friends, well… I got you covered! This post is a mini collection of some nice and peaceful coffee shops that I discovered while I was in Vietnam.

Matsuri Izakaya coming to Downtown Tempe, AZ

I just tried an amazing ramen place last week. It’s called Matsuri Izakaya, located right in the downtown of Tempe, next to ASU Tempe campus. The taste, the style of ordering was so close to Japanese style, and it was really impressive!


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