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Recipes during my PhD

A limiting budget can’t prevent us from having good food. This site is to share tasty recipes that doesn’t hurt my wallet!

Go out, have some great time at local restaurants. How about with new food and beverages from grocery store? Sure, why not!

A collection of tips and tricks, knowledge and skills in cooking that we don’t know.

Vietnamese version of all posts.
Trang tiếng Việt cho các bài viết của mình.

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Homemade broths for a variety of recipes

Broth and stock are the base of so many soup recipes and can be used interchangeable. The only difference is how they are made. This long informative post is a collection of different broths and stocks with some recipe recommendations.

When cooking is home chemistry, the kitchen is my home “lab” and every recipe is my “research project”.

-Titanium 22-

Do you know the difference between cooking and experiments? That is, you don’t lick the spatula when doing experiments!

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