Hi there! Welcome to my inner extrovert world! I really appreciate that you take time to know me!

My name is Tam L.P. Nguyen

I’m a PhD student in Arizona State University. I love my current chemistry career (starting with research in Titanium compounds/materials), enjoy cooking, good food, and coffee. Therefore, I decided to name my blog as Titanium 22 – Just A Nerd Who Loves Food.

I also do some arts work, mostly with pencils and colored pencils. Attached on the right was one of my sketches about Hatake Kakashi (an important character in Naruto – my favourite manga/anime). I made several sketches like that, and even with real people, but of course, not professional, so usually it took me long hours. The photo next to it was the “art” of my titanium research: the “pearlescent effect” of very thin titanium dioxide films produced in my lab time.

I value the honesty, loyalty, responsibility and caring for others, not just myself. The famous quote from Sherlock Holmes attached below describes it best. Clearly, Sherlock Holmes is also my ideal model (in terms of mindset and focus). As a nerd, I really enjoy the connection of science/chemistry and cooking. And I hereby end my introduction with a chemistry joke.

If I were assured of the former eventuality I would, in the interests of the public, cheerfully accept the latter.

Sherlock Holmes

Do you know the difference between cooking and experiments? That is, you don’t lick the spatula when doing experiments!

<not mine>

Random moments in my life

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