Vietnamese drip coffee: a brilliant coffee product for office and traveling

As you might know from a lot of my coffee posts on this blog, I am a big big fan of Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee. When I went back to Vietnam on my winter vacation last year, I had a chance to buy many of their products, including these new releases: Drip coffee (featuring paper “phin” filter).

The product I chose was the Vietnamese blend, Robusta-Arabica blend. As noted on the box, you would expect that the taste would be smooth and balanced. Open the box, you will see individual package. Each package is just right for 1 cup of coffee. Tear open the package, you reach a “paper bag” filled with ground coffee. Gently tear open along the dashed line on top, place the “arms” on the side of a cup, you are now having a paper “phin” filer. Pour a bit of hot water in to wet the coffee, then fill the hot water to 3/4 of the bag, and… wait. While you are having some random thoughts of the day, your coffee is already done for less than 5 minutes. Hmmm… The aroma is amazing! The transparently reddish brown color looks so visually attractive! Discard the filter, add in any milk, cream, syrup or sweeteners as you want and enjoy the coffee. I chose condensed milk this time because I missed the authentic Vietnamese iced coffee.

To me, this is a brilliant product! Not sure if they are the first one to invent this but I’m glad that Trung Nguyen decided to pursue this types of product with their high-quality coffee. And I’m considering buying these products for the reception at my thesis defense!

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