Matsuri Izakaya coming to Downtown Tempe, AZ

I just tried an amazing ramen place last week. It’s called Matsuri Izakaya, located right in the downtown of Tempe, next to ASU Tempe campus. The taste, the style of ordering was so close to Japanese style, and it was really impressive!

Vietnamese food that I crave for: vacation in Saigon (Part 3)

In Vietnam, you can find these food carts everywhere, and most of the time, the food they served is much better than hi-end restaurants, with a much cheaper price. So, the next time you visit Vietnam, go out and try the street food from local vendors!

Xôi hoa cau

Một trong những món “thương hiệu” của bà ngoại mỗi dịp tụ họp đó là món xôi hoa cau này. Gạo nếp và đâu xanh được ngâm và hấp chung với nhau, rồi thêm chút đường và dừa nạo, chỉ vậy thôi mà thành món xôi thơm-ngọt-béo-bùi thiệt là dễ ghiền á!

Cơm tấm MAI – Best place for “com tam” in Saigon!

The “com tam” casual dining run by my dad’s family, where they have spent their whole life growing up with the beautiful aroma of cooked rice everyday.

It’s the best place for “com tam”, in my opinion, makes me not wanting to try other place since then!

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