Some coffee shops for working in Saigon

In case you want to find a coffee shop with quiet atmosphere to focus on working or have some small talks with your friends, well… I got you covered! This post is a mini collection of some nice and peaceful coffee shops that I discovered while I was in Vietnam.

Vietnamese food that I crave for: vacation in Saigon (Part 3)

In Vietnam, you can find these food carts everywhere, and most of the time, the food they served is much better than hi-end restaurants, with a much cheaper price. So, the next time you visit Vietnam, go out and try the street food from local vendors!

To Chan – Local diner of dumplings and noodles – Full of memories

One of my favorite Vietnamese-Chinese diners specialized in dumplings and noodles in Saigon. I ate there so many times that the owner remembered me and my order. And the diner has been there for more than 50 years, serving food with beautiful flavors.

Cơm tấm MAI – Best place for “com tam” in Saigon!

The “com tam” casual dining run by my dad’s family, where they have spent their whole life growing up with the beautiful aroma of cooked rice everyday.

It’s the best place for “com tam”, in my opinion, makes me not wanting to try other place since then!

Cơm tấm MAI – Hàng cơm tấm ngon nhất Sài Gòn!

Là hàng cơm đã nuôi ba mình, các cô chú và anh em họ của mình khôn lớn.
Là hàng cơm gia đình luôn “nhăm nhe” vỗ béo mình bằng mọi cách! (Hahaha chẳng hiểu sao đến giờ vẫn gầy…)
Là hàng cơm ngon nhất Sài Gòn, đối với mình, và từ đó mình không thể nào ăn cơm ở hàng quán khác nữa!

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