Joe’s Crab Shack: paradise for seafood lovers

A foolish me did not realize how good Joe’s Crab Shack was until my trip to Daytona Beach, Florida. So for anyone has not known about it like me, this post is for you.

Thứ sáu cho những món chiên: hoành thánh nhân cua phô mai

Ngày thứ sáu cho những món chiên nên mình làm món hoành thánh nhân cua phô mai. Hổng có câu chuyện gì đặc biệt cho món này hết, ngoại trừ khoản bồ mình rất là mê món này và làm cũng cực kỳ dễ nha.

Garlic butter crabs – A recipe inspired by my grandmother!

One of the fanciest recipes that I’ve ever made! My garlic butter crabs would be so different than other recipes because it is prepared in an Asian style, with a unique taste that I learned from my grandmother.

Freestyle Vietnamese crab soup

One of my savory dishes of all time is Vietnamese-style crab soup. Just basic ingredients could also make it stand out. And it’s so simple that any of us can make it delicious to our own style. Then, why not making some soup for the cold days?

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