My own creamer!

Creamer, it’s just simply milk, cream and sugar. Since I made my own creamer, I never have to fear that my favorite creamer would be out of stock again.

Cơm tấm MAI – Hàng cơm tấm ngon nhất Sài Gòn!

Là hàng cơm đã nuôi ba mình, các cô chú và anh em họ của mình khôn lớn.
Là hàng cơm gia đình luôn “nhăm nhe” vỗ béo mình bằng mọi cách! (Hahaha chẳng hiểu sao đến giờ vẫn gầy…)
Là hàng cơm ngon nhất Sài Gòn, đối với mình, và từ đó mình không thể nào ăn cơm ở hàng quán khác nữa!

Garlic butter crabs – A recipe inspired by my grandmother!

One of the fanciest recipes that I’ve ever made! My garlic butter crabs would be so different than other recipes because it is prepared in an Asian style, with a unique taste that I learned from my grandmother.

Tô Chấn – Mì hoành thánh kỷ niệm

Một trong những hàng hủ tiếu mì người Hoa mà mình yêu thích ở Sài Gòn. Ghé ăn nhiều tới nỗi chủ quán nhớ mặt, nhớ luôn style gọi món. Không ngờ đó là 1 cửa tiệm có tuổi đời đến hơn 50 năm.

My cooking has improved with times

As I started my PhD study, I have to cook for myself so that I could stay within my budget and enjoy good food at the same time. My cooking in 2019 was fairly acceptable as I just combined any ingredients available to me at that time without considering how suitable they were and didContinue reading “My cooking has improved with times”

Freestyle Vietnamese crab soup

One of my savory dishes of all time is Vietnamese-style crab soup. Just basic ingredients could also make it stand out. And it’s so simple that any of us can make it delicious to our own style. Then, why not making some soup for the cold days?

PHO CAO RESTAURANT – My favorite place for Vietnamese dishes

It’s my first time to see a Vietnamese restaurant combined with a bar and live performance. Still, the food is authentic and super delicious. Together, it has brought this place a unique vibe.

Titanium 22 – A nerd who loves food

Hi you all! My name is Tam Nguyen (my full Vietnamese name is Nguyễn Lê Phương Tâm) and I’m currently a Chemistry PhD student at Arizona State University. I live far from home for my study so I constantly miss Vietnamese food. Even though there are a lot of restaurants selling my home country’s foodContinue reading “Titanium 22 – A nerd who loves food”

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