KABUKI Japanese Restaurant

2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281 (Inside Tempe Marketplace’s area)
Open from 11AM daily. Happy hours from 3PM to 6PM.

We ran into this place while we were looking for an eatery place near movie theater on our date night. It had happy hours from 3PM to 6PM but at that time, we skipped it because we didn’t need any from the Happy Hours menu. We ordered Spicy beef ramen for me (picture on the right) and Tonkutsu ramen for my boyfriend because he can’t handle spicy food, LOL (I took photo of his ramen, but he was so eager to eat so the ramen bowl was quite messy and I couldn’t upload it. Sorry for that!).

Spicy beef ramen

My spicy beef ramen was, indeed, spicy! But spicy good! The broth has such a complex flavor that I kept tasting it and almost forgot about the noodle. My mind was already blown away with just the tasty broth. My boyfriend’s tonkutsu ramen was also a good one, and I could tell that just by tasting the broth. Both of our ramen were still warm till we finished, which I like it because the great flavor was with you during the time.

Services are nice. Prices are reasonable for good ramen. We didn’t try the sushi or rolls because we didn’t have time and we already had a place just to enjoy sushi. But I think their sushi/rolls would also be nice. If you plan to be at Tempe Marketplace for a shopping day, don’t forget to stop by KABUKI Japanese restaurant for delicious ramen!

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I am a graduate student in Chemistry and I love to cook some good food to relieve the stress from doing my research.

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