Best gifts to buy in Vietnam from a Vietnamese student’s point of view

Vacations in Vietnam end, and on the way back, you probably want to get something to commemorate your trip. How about I suggest you some safe and great choices?

Vietnamese food that I crave for: vacation in Saigon (Part 3)

In Vietnam, you can find these food carts everywhere, and most of the time, the food they served is much better than hi-end restaurants, with a much cheaper price. So, the next time you visit Vietnam, go out and try the street food from local vendors!

Will I be able to distinguish between Death Wish Coffee and Vietnamese Coffee? (Part 2)

We’re back with Death Wish Medium Roast vs. Our house blend (but mostly Vietnamese Coffee – Trung Nguyen Creativity 4). Again, will I be able to distinguish them? Let’s find out!

I found my favorite boba shop near me – Boba Tealight

1435 E Warner Rd #B101, Gilbert, AZ 85296 from 11AM to 9PM daily. Left: Classic milk tea + crystal boba; Fresh milk + brown sugar bobaMiddle: Vietnamese egg coffeeRight: Hazelnut milk tea + brown sugar boba; Jasmine green milk tea + crystal boba + cheese foam; Strawberry slussy + fresh pineapples. When my boyfriend wasContinue reading “I found my favorite boba shop near me – Boba Tealight”

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