Multicultural menu ideas for gatherings (2022)

Holiday season is back and I am also back with new multicultural menu ideas for gatherings! You’re always welcome to visit last year’s series:

But first, I’m gonna have my coffee cup! My Vietnamese egg coffee is just a wonderful match to this kind of chilly weather. The creamy egg yolk combines with hot coffee, such a satisfying taste! Old but gold, this egg coffee remains a unique drink in the culture of Vietnamese coffee.

Without further ado, let’s have a look of this year’s list!

Side dishes (Appetizers/Shareables)

Aesthetic vegan soups for our vegan friends

It’s the soup season! How about a colorful vegan soup to warm the ourselves? With a lot of mushrooms and vegetables, I’m sure your friends, whether they are vegan or not, will enjoy it!

Easy homemade garlic bread

A super easy and highly-addictive homemade garlic bread that made your friends and family, or your guests finish them in a blink of eyes.

Tricolor sticky rice

Inspired from the Vietnamese mung bean sticky rice recipe, this sticky rice recipe features red beans and mung beans that makes the dish nutritious, delicious, and beautiful.

Fried spring rolls or dumplings (meat version) – extra crispy, extra yummy

These crispy spring rolls are among must-have dishes in my parties or gatherings. Can’t go wrong with this savory taste.

Switch from egg roll wraps to wonton wraps, we have crisp, also savory dumplings. Recommended sauce are spicy mayo and sweet chili sauce.

Friday-fry-day: Fried spring rolls (vegetarian) – also – extra crispy, extra yummy

Can’t go wrong with the vegan/vegetarian spring roll either! This recipe beat down the myth that fried food is not healthy! Not with this one! The extra crispy and the savory taste from mushrooms and vegetables really make people addict to it! Even my boyfriend prefer the vegan version than the meat version!

And if you replace the egg roll wraps with wonton wraps, you will have your own vegan/vegetarian dumplings! Recommended sauce are spicy mayo and sweet chili sauce.

Main courses

Convenient stir-fry chow mein with air-fried chicken

If turkey is too much for you, then let’s consider the chicken! Easier to handle and many ways to prepared it. This air-fried chicken recipe is just one of them. Basted with some homemade garlic sauce, served with stir-fry chow mein, boom, main dish in less than 30 minutes.

Simple yet addictive scallop vermicelli

Another quick main course in the list. This simple stir-fry scallop vermicelli is elegant enough to make a savory main dish for any parties or gatherings!

Easy shrimps scampi

Another quick main course for parties and gatherings! If you want to impress family and guests, yet you are not so experienced in cooking, this easy shrimps scampi recipe will help you!

Easy fish scampi

And just simply swap the shrimps with seared tilapia, you have another scampi recipe for your gatherings (or even daily meal with fancy)!


Smoothies for parties: Coconut-avocado vs. Tropical trios

These smoothies recipes were designed for summer, but who says we can’t have it for holidays? Just some refreshments to the parties!

Vegetarian caramel flan cake

Vegan/vegetarian flan cake

Have you ever wonder how to make your favorite caramel flan cake (or creme caramel) vegan/vegetarian? Well, let me show you this recipe of a no-egg caramel flan cake that actually tastes like egg flan cake. Let the agar powder, jelly powder and corn starch help you level up your vegan/vegetarian creme caramel!

Well… that’s my ideas this year! Hope some of them would help you preparing your “unique” holidays.

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