Multi-culture menu for gatherings 2021 #3: Desserts

As a continue from Multi-culture menu for gatherings 2021 #1: Appetizer & Shareables and Main course, today’s post is about Desserts. I know I have just made several desserts, it might not be a long and satisfying post but it still has the vibe of multi-culture menu. (Link of the recipe is in each title)


Thai mango sticky rice

Thai’s most popular desert: Mango sticky rice. When the sweetness of mango and the rich taste of coconut milk-absorbed sticky rice are elevated to another level, it’s highly addictive!

Caramel flan cake

My favorite childhood desert: Caramel flan cake! Now I can put away the worry of being unable to find tasty flan cakes in the store. The delicious caramel flan cake is right in my home!

Not to mention that a simple fruit bowl or a pan of fudgy brownies will also be a great option for desserts.

I have just realized that I only had few dessert posts…
Gotta work harder next year so that more recipes will be added to this list!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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