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Review the Toasted Coconut Coffee


Lion Coffee is a Hawaiian company, and they have various coffee blends with the flavors of the island. And one of them is this Toasted Coconut Coffee – Light roast and I was lucky to find in my local grocery store. If you want the coffee with the unique flavors of the island, check it out! I will definitely order a bunch from my store, Target, or their website!

How does it taste like when hot brew?

Well, since the coffee is light roast, I expected the hot brew had a transparent and light brown visual. The aroma was amazing as the coconut scent blended in with the coffee, pleasing to the soul. The taste, on the other hand, was very sour, which was expected for light roast beans. However, no bitter aftertaste at all. The hot coffee was great with just some sweeteners or syrups.

How about cold brew?

After immersing the coffee in cold water for at least 24 hours, the cold brew of this blend gave a transparent and slightly darker brown visual. The coconut scent still maintained in the coffee after a 24-hour brewing. Regarding the taste, the cold brew, compared to hot brew, did not give any sour taste or bitter aftertaste at all. The coffee went great with any sweeteners, syrups, milk or creamers you chose. And if you want an enhanced experience, try the coffee with a rich and creamy coconut creamers, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

After all…

This Toasted Coconut Coffee – Light roast is a fantastic choice for those who love both coconut and coffee, like me! If you don’t mind the sour taste, go with the hot brew. If you want a smoother taste, head for cold brew! And have your own “happy cup”!

That is it for this Toasted Coconut Coffee by Lion Company. I’m pretty sure I will try more of their coffee.

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