Multi-culture menu for gatherings 2021 #2: Main course

As a continue from Multi-culture menu for gatherings 2021 #1: Appetizer & Shareables, today’s post is about Main course, and of course with a vibe of multi-culture menu (yep, a new breeze to holiday’s dinners). (Link of the recipe is in each title)

Main course

Char siu pork tenderloin

Personally I think this dish is a nice dish to have in gathering parties. With the pre-made char siu sauce from Lee Kum Kee, making the char siu pork is much easier. Beside, chicken breast (or thigh) is a good alternative in this recipe.

Simple vegetarian stir-fry rice noodles

This simple vegetarian stir-fry rice noodles can be the main course for any gatherings. It is easy to make and ready to be served within 20-30 minutes. The recipe is also good with vermicelli, instant noodles, long macaroni or Korean glass noodles.

Vietnamese chicken vermicelli soup

This dish seems to be one of the daily meals in cold days rather than on party’s table. However, in my family’s gatherings, we often have the soup dishes just like this recipe of chicken vermicelli soup. Gather around a large table, each of us will have a bowl of hot soup then share our stories together. Want to new breeze to party’s time? This is it!

Stir-fry crab vermicelli

Another stir-fry dish with mung bean vermicelli that I’m long to try. Sounds a little bit fancy, but with the canned crab, it helps reduce the cost. So I give it a try. And here we are, Stir-fry crab vermicelli. And similar to the stir-fry rice noodles above, this dish can be the main course for any gatherings.

Bun Bo Hue, a.k.a. Spicy beef noodle soup

It’s kind of unusual to have Bun Bo Hue (Spicy beef noodle soup) on the list, but in reality, my family usually have Bun Bo Hue for our weekly gatherings or special occasions. For this year’s non-traditional Thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I did have it in our menu and it was so satisfying!

Garlic butter crabs

One of the fanciest recipes that I’ve ever made! My garlic butter crabs would be so different than other recipes because it is prepared in an Asian style, with a unique taste that I learned from my grandmother. And it can be a shareable dish, too! You can also replace the “snow crab” in the recipe with other types of crabs that are available and/or with a reasonable price to you (Stone crabs, Dungeness crabs…).

And an honorable mention of Homemade seafood boil: with the cost for a 2-serving crab bucket at any crab shack, we could have double (or triple) the amount of seafood when making it at home to satisfy our crave.

Our Homemade seafood boil was simply a lot of seafood (Lobster tails, Stone crabs and Dungeness crabs) boiled in broth with garlic, shallots, lemons, Old-Bay seasoning then strained and coated with garlic butter sauce and extra sprinkle of Old-Bay seasoning when serving.

Look forward to next year’s post, when I have more recipes added to this list!

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