Humble and quiet – Cap’n Ron’s Fish & Chips

6144 E Main St, Suite 106, Mesa, AZ 85205
Open weekdays from 11:00AM to 7:00PM, on Saturdays from 11:00AM to 5:00PM, close on Sundays.

Have you ever gone to a place that made you want to write about it right away? To me, it’s Cap’n Ron’s Fish & Chips, a humble and quiet restaurant in the East Mesa. And I’m glad to start to my 2023 Foodie Experience with this place.

My first experience was that this place has a very unique vibe with all fishing equipment and accessories.
Secondly, literally it screamed “America in my heart and soul”. The lady is very friendly and caring but also straightforward. Yeah, the type of people who witnessed wars and has lived long enough to not put up with any of entitled behaviors. If you don’t respect her and her business or making ridiculous requests, you won’t get any services. If you show good manners, she treats you well. And she opened her heart to you, shared all kinds of stories with you.
Thirdly, the fish and chips were served hot and extra crispy, went well with the sauces, even though we came quite close to closing time. And the dessert, the cookies she baked were damn delicious! Soft baked, the sweetness was just right, and wayyy better than all the cookies in the stores! I really grabbed extra for my “guilty” late night snacks.

If you happen to be around East Mesa and crave for some fish & chips, give this humble Cap’n Ron’s Fish & Chips a try!

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Published by Titanium #22

I am a graduate student in Chemistry and I love to cook some good food to relieve the stress from doing my research.

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