Tasting variety packs from Coffee Beanery gift basket (Part 4)

Shout out to my boyfriend’s family for the lovely gift: A Coffee Beanery gift basket!
They just know we love coffee so much!

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This post will be about the last 3 packs from the Coffee Beanery gift basket. Reminder: Each pack is ~ 50 grams, and it is instructed to go with 48 oz of freshly filtered water for 8 cups (reminder: a coffee cup is 6 oz). If you want your coffee has a stronger taste, reduce the water amount to 36 oz. And do NOT drink all at once unless you want to experience some coffee shock…

Michigan Cherry

  • Visual: Transparently light-brown
  • Aroma: Very strong, long-lasting cherry scent whether you serve it hot or cold. The cherry scent seems to override the coffee aroma.
  • Taste: First taste and aftertaste is sour, with a strong taste of cherry
  • Can go with creamer, but taste best as iced coffee (with a small amount of added sugar or sweetener)

Italian Dark Roast

  • Visual: Transparently dark-brown
  • Aroma: Slightly burnt and a hint of sour aroma.
  • Taste: Strangely, there is no bitter taste on first taste or aftertaste but a (little) sour aftertaste. Very pleasing for a dark roast blend.
  • Expected from dark roast, the coffee is not so strong. Can go with creamer or just use it by itself if want to use it for daily coffee cup.

Beanery Blend

  • Visual: Transparently light-brown
  • Aroma: Earthy pleasant coffee aroma.
  • Taste: Sour at first taste but no bitter or sour on the aftertaste. Very soothing.
  • Go better with sugar (or sweetener) for a daily black coffee cup. Not recommended to go with creamer or milk.

Overall, it was an interesting experience. I could tell that the coffee beans were “clean” roasted, i.e. roasted without any addition of oil or butter as I did not need to wash the French press with soap. If I have to choose which one is my favorite, I would go with Colombian. And I realize that fruity coffee is not my type as the fruity aroma and taste override the coffee (but probably other people’s preferences).

And that is the end of the series on Coffee Beanery’s variety packs. I hope these posts would be helpful to you when choosing “the one coffee” for your daily cups.

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