Will I be able to distinguish between Death Wish Coffee and Vietnamese Coffee? (Part 2)

If you’ve never heard of Vietnamese coffee before, please check out my old post for some basic ideas about it.

Let’s enjoy Vietnamese coffee

To me, Vietnamese coffee is the best. A post on general information about coffee and how I enjoy mine at home.

Back to our fun time doing a blind taste test on coffee! Last time, we started with Death Wish Dark roast vs. Trung Nguyen Creativity 4 (check out our first video here). This time, it’s gonna be the Medium Roast! Again, my boyfriend would prepare the coffee, without me knowing, and I would taste to see if I could tell the difference.
Will I be able to? Let’s find out!

Round #02: Death Wish Medium Roast vs. Our house blend (Trung Nguyen Creativity 4 + Costco Medium Roast
(but mostly Trung Nguyen)

Alright friendsss! Thank you for checking this out! Hope you guys enjoy the video!
Taste review for Death Wish Coffee will be on the blog soon!
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