Pizzeria Bianco

There are a few locations of Pizzeria Bianco but I went to the first one in Downtown Phoenix at 623 East Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004. More locations and opening hours, stories about the Chef could be found on their website.

This place is listed as one of the best pizza restaurants in the US. Have been knowing it’s reputation for a long time but I only had a chance to try recently. My first impression was that we could see how our pizza was made and fired in a wood oven. The second impression was that the staff here, in my personal perspective, had some vibes of the actors/characters in The Godfather series. The third impression was that, even though there were not many staff, the restaurant was run smoothly, showing how efficient they were. We ordered a salad and a pizza: “Handmade Mozzarella, Local market vegetable and Basil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and “WISEGUY- Wood-Roasted Onion, House Smoked Mozzarella, Fennel Sausage”. The man worked at the bar whispered to us that we did pick some good options. And indeed, never in my life having a pizza without tomato sauce but WISEGUY totally blew my mind. The pizza was thin and had a crispy crust, and was seasoned perfectly. The handmade mozzarella was stunning, fresh and melt in your mount. Unlike other pizzas out there with thick crust and heavy taste of salty tomato sauce. I might never want to touch other fast-food-chain pizzas again. They are no match to Bianco’s.

Shout out to the staff there who tried to arrange bar seats for us so that we didn’t have to wait 40 minutes and miss our symphony. Thank you for making our date night wonderful!

If you have a trip to Downtown Phoenix, stop by Pizzeria Bianco and experience the difference.

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