We challenged ourselves with a difficult dish: Beef Wellington

Disclaimer: There is no recipe in this post. Just me trying new recipes and cooking techniques.

Am I reading the title correctly? Beef Wellington?

Yes, you read it correctly! During the Spring break (Mar 06th – 12th), we went to Asian markets and found a good deal on beef tenderloin and we decided we should try the famous Beef Wellington!

Let me just give a shout out to the inventor of this recipe: Gordon Ramsay! His video and instructions were very easy to follow! The next shout out is for Joshua Weissman: I learnt how to make puff pastry from him!

And here is our lesson from the first attempt:

  • I realized that making puff pastry can really help me build arm muscles! And what’s more? I did not seal the butter in the dough carefully, leading to butter leaked out while I was rolling it.
  • I sauteed the finely-chopped mushroom in the pan that I used to sear the beef tenderloin so that it absorbed the juice and flavor from the beef. Using shiitake mushrooms, they did not release much water during the process which was nice as we didn’t want the mushroom mix to be super wet.
  • Had we wrapped the beef in plastic wrap after applying dijon mustard and chilled it in the fridge like Chef Ramsay, the final shape of the cut would more visual attractive!
  • We should let the whole piece rest for a bit prior cutting to minimize losing the juice from the beef.
  • It would be much much better if we could prepare the red wine sauce for the dish. I’m sorry, Chef Ramsay! 😣

With that in mind, finger crossed that our next attempt would be better!

Have you tried this famous dish yet? Let me know what you think in the comment, please! I would love to learn from you as well!

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I am a graduate student in Chemistry and I love to cook some good food to relieve the stress from doing my research.

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