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Matsuri Izakaya coming to Downtown Tempe, AZ


699 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281

Welcome to Downtown Tempe, Matsuri Izakaya!

As an ASU student, I really enjoy your presence right next to ASU Tempe campus! You don’t mind to see a lot of ASU students like me, do you? You brought us the authentic flavor of Japanese cuisine through the delicious ramen bowls! The broth was clean and creamy, the seasoning was just right, the noodle was NOT soggy at all. You were generous on the meat, and I like that. However, you would need to do better on the soft-boiled eggs, you know that, right? The outside of the egg white was not brown enough. And that was my only request.

I also like the style of ordering food here: you scan the QR code, order, and pay directly there, then just wait for your food. It really minimized the risk of wrong order. (Remind me of the actual ordering style in Japanese restaurants in Japan)

Your food, your service was amazing and I enjoyed every moment at your place. I hope to try some more when your menu is completed!

If you are around ASU Tempe campus, don’t forget to stop by Matsuri on Mill and experience the authentic ramen taste there!

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