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Trung Nguyen Instant Cappuccino as Valentine’s gifts, why not?


Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is coming near and you may wonder if there are any other gifts for your partner aside from chocolate. Well, let me tell you about Trung Nguyen Instant Cappuccino.

Trung Nguyen Cappuccino products have been around for years but mostly in Vietnam. Their cappuccino products (in Vietnam market) include Hazelnut, Mocha and Coconut. Recently, Hazelnut and Mocha have been available in the US (and can be purchased on Amazon). Being a big fan of cappuccino instant mix, I tried all of their products, and they were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

My favorite one is the hazelnut, while my fiance’s pick is the mocha. Mixing the hazelnut pack with hot water, you are having a cappuccino cup that is really close to a real one. It has a pleasing hazelnut aroma, it has a nice milk foam on top. It has a sweet and creamy taste blended well with the coffee.
What about the mocha? Yes, we still have the nice milk foam, we still have a sweet and creamy taste. More important, we have the stunning scent of chocolate blended with coffee.
And if you want to enjoy it cold, use 2 packs or add in a bit of creamer or condensed milk, add ice… and bam… you have your cold cappuccino!
All of these have made the perfect cappuccino cup from just an instant mix!

Comparing with Hill’s Bros cappuccino mix commonly found in US supermarket, Hill’s Bros cappuccino mix does not have milk foam on top and it is lack of the creamy taste of cappuccino. I guess Trung Nguyen Cappuccino products win this round!

So, if you want something new for this Valentine’s Day, give Trung Nguyen Cappuccino mix a try!

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