Coffee shops in Saigon, Vietnam

Last year, I wrote a detailed post about Vietnamese coffee and how we could enjoy it at home, considering the context that it was difficult to find authentic Vietnamese coffee in the US (or outside of Vietnam). This time, I would like to write about coffee shops in Vietnam, specificly in Ho Chi Minh City as during the winter break, I was able to go back home. Within the short vacation, I had the chances to explore different coffee shops in my city – Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, the lovely name to most of the citizens. Generally, there are few styles among coffee shops in my city:

Small, local coffee shops, carts or vendors

These coffee shops/vendors mostly served traditionally-brewed Vietnamese coffee with some limit juice like orange juice or lemonade and soft drinks. They usually just need a little space with few seats, or a removable cart for takeaway orders. The drinks are decent for the price, usually less than $1.00.

Modern style

These coffee shops have modern designs with a lot of space for work and study. Coffee and beverages here are quite trendy, says detox drinks and Italian-style coffee, adapted to store’s concepts and Vietnamese coffee culture, but a little pricey. Yet they have good and stable internet connection, so usually you will spend around 3 hours here for a price of ~$3.00 per drink. Exception to this type of shops is major coffee chains like Trung Nguyen Coffee, Highlands Coffee, The Coffee House, Phuc Long Coffee & Tea as their prices are around $2.00 (Noted that the $1.00 difference in price is significant in Vietnamese currency).

Tropical garden-style coffee shop

Entering these coffee shops, you are surrounded by beautiful plants. Thees shops usually have aesthetic architectural designs, a lot space for hanging out with friends and families, gatherings, meetings, work discussions,… or just simple a sweet date. The menus have a wide variety of drinks and food with reasonable prices, averagely $2.00 for most drinks and $3.00 for food.

Themed coffee shop

Less popular than the other three but unique themed coffee shops like book coffee shops, pets coffee shops… are arising stars in the city. Reasonable price for the experience you will have.

These coffee shops usually open early in the morning and close very late at night. That being said, in Saigon, you can always find good coffee and coffee shops anytime, anywhere that suit your budget and your style. I found myself several good places to focus on work while I was there (as my internet connection at home was bad). If you ever have a chance to be in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City, don’t forget to experience these styles of coffee shops, enjoy the drinks and even the food, too! Why not, right?

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