Lai Lai Chinese Cusine & Sushi

7400 Southland Blvd. Suite 116, Orlando, FL 32809
Open from 11:00AM till 10:00PM on weekdays, from noon till 10:00PM on Saturdays, close on Sundays.

I had a short stay in Orlando in an awesome Airbnb, introduced by my dear “brother”, you guys can check it out on my Instagram (here)! My “brother” was craving for sushi, and we got recommendation from the Airbnb’s owner that the sushi at Lai Lai was “to die for”. Hearing it from a senior citizen, we both agreed that we should check it out.

My order included Unagi, Tuna, Salmon, Whitefish and the Chef’s special roll.

Indeed, it was!

At Lai Lai, with a similar price, I could get more food per portion. I enjoyed little garnish on the plate, like some finely chopped spring onions on the nigiri pieces. I enjoyed the fresh taste of the fish, melted in your mouth and you actually feel the heat from wasabi, unlike other sushi restaurants. I enjoyed the generous amount of eel sauce on my roll as well as the unagi nigiri. And with that much of good food, my stomach was full with happiness! I really wished my stomach had more room so that I could order more…

I did not have the chance to try the buffet. Look forward to do so next time!

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I am a graduate student in Chemistry and I love to cook some good food to relieve the stress from doing my research.

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