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22 things I’ve accomplished in 2022

  1. Create more delicious recipes, including vegan and vegetarian recipes from my favorite dishes
    Check out the vegan, vegetarian tags in my blog for the recipes!
  2. Get trained on a Scanning Electron Microscope and take amazing shot for my research
  3. Get trained on a Tranmission Electron Microscope and take amazing shot for my research
  4. Get trained on a Fourier-transformed Infrared Spectroscopy instrument
  5. Overcome PTSD of dental cleaning
    Shout out to Ivette at Eicon Dental!
  6. Get trained on a Profilometer to estimate the thickness of my research samples
  7. Have a Costco membership and joint credit card with my boyfriend, now fiancé
  8. Receive Distinguish Teaching Assistant Award at School of Molecular Sciences, Arizona State University
  9. Upgrade the kitchen with a Ninja Foodie Multicooker, a KitchenAid stand mixer, two (02) cookbooks and a coffee bar
  10. Buy a domain for my blog
    We are now officially
  11. Create an official Facebook & Pinterest for the blog
  12. Try out different coffee brands and local restaurants
  13. Learn how to use Adobe Premiere
    And making some fun videos of my coffee taste test!
  14. Overcome driving anxiety and get a driving permit
  15. Buy more (great) books
  16. Acceptance for oral presentation at conference
  17. Make my fiancé enjoy mushrooms more than ever
  18. Get an Espresso machine and practice latte art
  19. Celebrate Halloween and traditional Thanksgiving for the first time
    (And be loved by my future in-laws)
  20. Get trained on an X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy instrument for surface analysis and get meaningful data from it
  21. Visit home in Vietnam
  22. Cook for my family (and friends)
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