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I finally had a chance to cook for my family!!!


Being far from home for years and getting better at cooking, I always wished that I could cook for my family someday. And it happened. Last week, on Tuesday!

We had a few vegetarian days monthly (based on lunar calendar), and one of them was yesterday. My grandmother allowed me to cook some vegetarian dishes for us. A “more vegetables” version of my stir-fry vegetarian rice noodles were served as lunch, and a “more mushroom” version of soft tofu soup were served as soup dish for dinner. Everyone enjoyed it, my mom and my aunts all said that it was really delicious, the seasoning was perfect. And my grandma? After the first bowl, she proceeded to have a second bowl of my cooked dishes, especially the rice noodles. That spoke volume for my cooking and it was the highest “compliment” to me!

Being able to cook for them, seeing them enjoy my cooking, I’m already full from that. At the end of the day, no more leftovers from these dishes. Yay!!!!

It’s a very short post, I know I know. I just want to share the excitement of being able to cook for my family after such a long time! Thank you so much for reading!

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