Review on the Triple Threat Coffee Bundle of Death Wish Coffee

What’s in the Triple Threat Bundle of Death Wish?

It’s included the Dark Roast blend (Red-black), Medium Roast blend (golden-black), and Espresso blend (purple-black). Each pack is 14 oz (~ 396 g).

How is the Dark Roast?

  • Visual: Transparently dark brown (hot brew)
  • Aroma: Very earthy and pleasing
  • Taste: the coffee was slightly bitter and had a little sour aftertaste. Went well with creamers and milk.

Regarding the relative “strength” to my Vietnamese coffee (Trung Nguyen Creativity 4), i.e. my sensitivity towards caffeine, I have to say that my Vietnamese Coffee is a little stronger than the Dark Roast blend! Death Wish, I’m sorry for that!

And the Medium Roast?

  • Visual: Transparently light brown (both hot brew and cold brew)
  • Aroma: Very earthy and pleasing
  • Taste: With hot brew, the coffee was very sour that it might upset your stomach. However, the cold brew was really good: The taste was smooth and not sour at all. Both hot brew and cold brew went well with creamers or just sweeteners.

Opposite to the hot brew, the cold brew of this blend is really good and it could keep you awake all day! Regarding the relative “strength” to my Vietnamese coffee (Trung Nguyen Creativity 4), I have to admit that this blend is stronger! It kept me awake till 3:00 am, haha…! Congratulations, Death Wish!

How about the Espresso Roast?

  • Visual: Transparently dark brown with a nice, stable crema on top
  • Aroma: Very pleasing with a hint of sweet aroma.
  • Taste: No bitter or sour at all. Instead, you can taste a note of caramelized sugar from the coffee. Went well with both creamers and sweeteners.

This blend is absolutely amazing! If I can’t have my Vietnamese coffee, I will go for this blend as my daily coffee. Even when brewing in a French press, a “quick and dirty” way to make espresso, I was still able to have a nice crema on top. However, I don’t recommend to do so, haha! Try it with an espresso machine to have a good one then!

Regarding the relative “strength” to my Vietnamese coffee (Trung Nguyen Creativity 4), I would say that they are quite similar! Yet each of them has the unique aroma and taste, so go for the coffee of your heart (and mind)!

And that’s it for this short taste review! Hope you enjoy it!
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