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Experiment #01-02-03: Developing procedure for caffeine quantification (Part 1)


***Warning: Experiments involve harmful hazardous chemicals. DO NOT CONDUCT EXPERIMENTS AT HOME!

Experimental procedure(s)

Main experiment factorsExp #01Exp #02Exp #03
Mass of coffee (grams)3.39383.05193.5797
Mass of calcium carbonate (CaCO3, grams)1.04401.01120.9696
Solvent for brewingWaterWaterChloroform
Amount of solvent (mL)252525
Temperature of brewing (C)909060
Brewing time (minutes)304040
Additional solvent(s) usedChloroformAcetoneNone
Sublimation temperature (C)200200200
Sublimation time (hours)1.53.751.5
Caffeine per grams of coffee (mg/g)6.254.4621.65

Comments on the procedures and future experiments

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