I found my favorite boba shop near me – Boba Tealight

1435 E Warner Rd #B101, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Open from 11AM to 9PM daily.

Left: Classic milk tea + crystal boba; Fresh milk + brown sugar boba
Middle: Vietnamese egg coffee
Right: Hazelnut milk tea + brown sugar boba; Jasmine green milk tea + crystal boba + cheese foam; Strawberry slussy + fresh pineapples.

When my boyfriend was trying to look for bubble tea shops near us that serve crystal boba, he found this place: Boba Tealight. The business is still new in town, in fact, they launched it few months ago, but the quality of the drinks is consistent. We have tried 05 different drinks from the shop so far and they are all amazing.

I was so surprised that one of their specialties is Vietnamese Egg Coffee, which… not many people know of. Turns out, the owner is Vietnamese, which makes sense. For anyone who doesn’t know Vietnamese Egg Coffee, the drink was invented during the 1940s when milk was scarce. The egg yolk(s) will be frothed till foamy (with sugar or condensed milk) and pour over hot coffee so that the heat from coffee will cook the egg layer. How does it taste like? The sweet and creamy egg layer combines with the hot and slightly bitter black coffee… hmmm… just balanced and satisfied. Nowadays, milk is more available so the egg coffee becomes less popular, and only few coffee shops in Vietnam serve it.

Aside from that, they also serve regular Vietnamese coffee, and judging from the Vietnamese egg coffee I got, I believe it will be a good one. They also have cheese foam as topping, which I don’t see in other boba shops. In fact, the rich and creamy cheese foam really goes well with regular tea and milk tea. A plus point for Boba Tealight!

If you have a chance to swing by, give Boba Tealight a try and support new business.

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