Tasting variety packs from Coffee Beanery gift basket (Part 3)

Shout out to my boyfriend’s family for the lovely gift: A Coffee Beanery gift basket!
They just know we love coffee so much!

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Continue from previous parts, in this post, I’m gonna review another 3 packs from the Coffee Beanery gift basket. Reminder: Each pack is ~ 50 grams, and it is instructed to go with 48 oz of freshly filtered water for 8 cups (reminder: a coffee cup is 6 oz). If you want your coffee has a stronger taste, reduce the water amount to 36 oz. And do NOT drink all at once unless you want to experience some coffee shock…

Guatemalan Huehuetenango

  • Visual: Transparently light-brown
  • Aroma: Pleasing earthy aroma (the scent of the soil after raining); short-lasting
  • Taste: Both first taste and aftertaste are a bit sour; might also feel a “burnt” taste at first.
  • Go well with creamer

French Vanilla

  • Visual: Transparently light-brown
  • Aroma: Long-lasting aroma with hint scent of vanilla whether you serve it hot or cold
  • Taste: Both first taste and aftertaste are slightly sour.
  • Go well with creamer (regular/original coffee creamer is recommended to not override the vanilla scent from the coffee).

Breakfast blend

  • Visual: Transparently light-brown
  • Aroma: Earthy, short-lasting aroma
  • Taste: The first taste is sour and bitter, but the aftertaste is soothing.
  • Great choice for a daily “dose” of coffee (iced/hot), go well with creamer, milk, condensed milk.

That’s it for this post. We have 3 packs left! See you in the last post of this series!

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