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Making BBQ sauces from Christine Ha’s and Joshua Weissman’s cookbook


As I mentioned in my post about upgrading the kitchen, I got two cookbooks from Christine Ha and Joshua Weissman. Christine Ha, the winner of Masterchef US Season 3, is my inspirational chef. I’ve always wanted to meet her in real life. Her cookbook is a harmony of different cuisines. On the other hand, Joshua Weissman is my frequently-watching Youtube chef. He has made a lot of great dishes, including making proper Pho, and I have a huge respect for him on that. I followed his recipes several times with a little modification, such as Tuna poke bowl and Crab rangoon, and they were so yummy.

This time, I’m gonna do things a bit different. I replicated BBQ sauces from Christine Ha’s and Joshua Weissman’s cookbooks. It’s a part of my “Learning corner”, learn from the chefs that I admire. I’m NOT going to post their entire recipes on the blog (because it’s illegal, my friend!), you need to buy their cookbooks to figure out the full recipes. Was it worth it? YESSS, TOTALLY WORTH IT! (Side note, you might be able to find their recipes somewhere on their official sites or YouTube channels.)

In term of visual, Joshua’s sauce has a dark brown color, while Christine’s sauce is reddish-brown because aside from ketchup, Christine’s sauce has Sriracha in it. In term of taste, Joshua’s sauce has a nice smokey flavor and the heat from different kinds of pepper, while Christine’s sauce is slightly sourer and spicier as her recipe has apple cider vinegar and Sriracha, compared to normal white vinegar like Joshua’s. Taste wise, I like Joshua’s sauce better, went so well with ribs and grilled recipes. Christine’s sauce is great with salads and/or to be served aside as dipping sauce, like she mentioned in her cookbook.

Anyway, it’s just my personal opinion. Hope you would enjoy this little comparison. Please try and let me know what you think on that.

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