A little upgrade for the kitchen

Being absent on the blog for a month, aside from school works, I finally set up a new place with my boyfriend. And together, we did a little (or big?) upgrade to our kitchen.

We bought our first Ninja Multicooker, and as the name said, it has a lot function. So far we have used it for chicken, fried spring rolls, french fries (of course, haha!) and Spicy beef noodles soup. They are all great!

We also bought a bamboo steamer in order to make steamed dumplings, steamed buns and sticky rice. For your information, sticky rice is best cooked in a bamboo steamer. My goal is to able to make Xiao Long Bao as good as Din Tai Fung since there is no Din Tai Fung in Arizona. (Unfair…)

We invested in a KitchenAid stand mixer and some important attachments for more delicious meal prep in the future. So far we have used it for a large batch of cheesecake, dough mixing and fish cakes. I hope to make bread and steamed buns (or baos) in the future.

We also got a powerful Ninja blender to make ourselves some smoothies for the summer. Who doesn’t want some cold refreshments in the hot days, right?

When we had just moved in, we did not realize that both of us had so many cups and coffee stuffs, so we decided to set up a coffee bar.

And on top of that, my boyfriend got me an unapologetic cookbook by Joshua Weissman while I bought myself an e-book version of Christine Ha’s cookbook. They are my favorite chefs. I’m excited to recreate their recipes in my own kitchen.

Need not to mention all of the essential kitchen utensils that make my cooking more fun and enjoyable. Shout out to all of them!

In case you are curious, during the absent time, I still cooked and noted down recipes for the blog. Look forward to share the experience with you!

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I am a graduate student in Chemistry and I love to cook some good food to relieve the stress from doing my research.

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