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2021 – A year-end review


Vietnamese version (bản tiếng Việt): click here!

Being far from home for study, I missed my home country’s food so I tried to create the taste and flavor that I’ve been always craved for… within a budget of a student. From that, I was encouraged to share my cooking experience (or experiments) and the page “Recipes during my PhD” was created to store all the “recipes”. So far, there have been 23 recipes and the number continues to increase.

Writing the recipes allows me to think of the best flow for cooking a specific dish. For example, when I made my Homemade Spicy Beef Noodle soup, I noted down that while the broth was being cooked in the Crockpot, we should prepare the rice noodle. And after so many years of following my guts when cooking (a.k.a. the Asian cooking style), I have to estimate/measure and note down how much ingredients/spices used in one dish, which kind of reminded me of my chemistry experiments. With that, if the dish came out not as expected, I would be able to know which ingredient/spice should be adjusted to have a great dish next time.

It’s also the first time that I could introduce my family’s recipes to “the world”. The Vietnamese mung bean sticky rice is my favorite one. I have so many memories with it because we only had the sticky rice on special gatherings (e.g. Tet Holidays). I was in-charge of serving it nicely onto plates and you know… some spoons of the sweet sticky rice ended up in my stomach before the actual eating time! Of course, I shouldn’t do that… but wasn’t it more memorable?

I have also been to wonderful local diners and wrote about it in the page Foodie Experience. Pho Cao and Junn All You Can Eat Sushi are our favorite places so far. Saigon Jade, a cozy restaurant that serves less-popular Vietnamese dishes, and I really liked their Vietnamese Crab Udon Soup. And not just that, we always look forward to exploring more places with good food in the future.

I also had a chance to write about my favorite diners back in Vietnam: A local diner specialized in dumplings soup (Tô Chấn) and my family diner specialized in “Cơm Tấm” (a.k.a. broken rice). These posts are currently in Vietnamese but stay tune and the English version will be available soon. Just like the Vietnamese version of all recipes would also be available as earliest as possible.

Last but not least, many thanks to all of my friends, my family and the people who enjoy my blog. You’ve motivated me to be more creative in my usual cooking! I want to thank all of you for that!

-Titanium 22-

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