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The Stone Tofu House

The tofu dumpling hot pot, served with side dishes and hot rice

1870 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Accidentally found this place while searching around on Google map, even though it’s right opposite to H-mart where I have been to many times. The Stone Tofu House, just by its name, specializes in tofu and Korean food. The freshly made tofu is very soft and sweet. It adds more sweetness to the tofu hot pot (photo above) together with veggies and mushrooms, which I highly recommend to try. Serving size of the hot pot is for 2-3 people to enjoy. The broth is the highly-addictive kimchi stew, mild spicy to me, so be ware of that if you can’t have spicy food. The mini gas stove would keep it hot all the time, which makes this hot pot a great dish to enjoy in cold days. Not just that, the stone-grilled bulgogi and briskets does smell delicious, which make me mouth watering whenever I think of them. I’m sure you would be satisfied with good food here.

Give this place a try and let me know what you think.
For me, I’m pretty sure that I will come back here to try different dishes.

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