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Junn All You Can Eat Sushi


1320 E Broadway Rd STE 101, Tempe, AZ 85282
Open from 11AM daily.

We’re back at our favorite sushi place the 5th time, as far as I remember! Haha… 😂

Introduce to you a great “All you can eat” sushi place in Tempe, Arizona: Junn All You Can Eat Sushi. They do offer regular order but I guess people came for their “All You Can Eat” tickets. There are 3 options:

We usually pick the Sushi lover because we both love rolls and nigiri 🍣. They make the sushi based on order (not pre-make it) so the sushi is fresh. That’s why the sushi arrives at your table around 30 minutes since you make the first order. And look how much food we got every time we were here… 😅 I hope they would not ban us from their restaurant 😂… And maybe next time, we should do the Premium options so that we could also try the sashimi menu! 😋
Update 1: we did try the sashimi menu… and it was AWESOMEEEEE! (May 2022)
Update 2: they removed the Premium ACYE option… (Oct. 2022)

There was a funny story on our 2nd time here. We were celebrating that I passed my oral exam and fully became a PhD candidate, which was an important event in any PhD student’s journey. After ordering two rounds, whenever we ordered more food, the waiter thought that it was my boyfriend who wanted more food (because he is triple of my size) so he placed the food in front of my boyfriend. Once the waiter left, my boyfriend quickly placed the food closer to me because I was the one who ate more. And since we had stayed for 2 hours and 30 minutes, such a long time that the waiter thought that we were ready for the bill… but no… I picked up the menu and made another order… And since then, they never gave us an early bill again… 😂😅

We always have great time with nice services, delicious food at reasonable price whenever we’re here. And I hope it would be similar experience to you! 😉

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