Saigon Jade – Another corner of great Vietnamese food

1948 W Broadway Rd #103, Mesa, AZ 85202 (or 316 S Longmore, Mesa, AZ 85202)

There was one time that I craved for Vietnamese crab udon soup, so I looked up to see any restaurants serving that… And I found this place, not so far from where I stay, so we decided to give it a try!

The place was clean and cozy, typical for a family-run Vietnamese restaurant. The owner was kind and did not talk much in English, but don’t be worry because the waiter was good in English and he was very nice.

What we ordered there was in their list of Signature dish. I ordered Vietnamese crab udon soup, which I was craving for, and I recommended my boyfriend the stir-fried vermicelli with crab meat, because this was a super delicious and fancy dish in Vietnam. When the food was served, I was really excited that the stir-fried vermicelli was served in a clay pot, which would keep the food hot until we finished. The udon soup was served in a thick ceramic bowl, and it was still warm when I was done with eating. A plus point for the restaurant! The taste of my Vietnamese crab udon soup was really really close to what I had in Saigon (the city in the restaurant’s name), with a lot of crab meat. I just kept “slurping” the broth because I missed this taste so much! Regarding stir-fried vermicelli with crab meat, it was also delicious with a lot of crab meat and good-quality vermicelli. However, from my boyfriend’s perspective, it was little light in seasoning, and he preferred my version than this one as I cooked crabs for him before. Still, the food here is delicious, and if it is light to your taste, you can add a little of soy sauce to it. Other dishes in the menu also sounds good to me so I guess I would come back to try more.

They also have Vegan menu, and they have the Vegan Spicy beef noodle soup, which my roommate really likes, so I will recommend this restaurant to her and that she could give it a try, like me!

If you’re somewhere in Mesa, stop by Saigon Jade for savory Vietnamese dishes. You might find what you have been craving for.

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